Monday, May 14, 2007

Ann Taylor and my natural environment

I went for a second in-person interview today at one of my potential employers. (Third interview total, if you count phone interviews.) I received notice of the interview on Friday. After I got off the phone, I panicked momentarily because I own only one interview suit, and I'd already worn it to the first in-person interview. Thankfully, my friend Gina had lavished me with Ann Taylor clothing before I left Pennsylvania, so I managed to put something together. The fashion muses must have been feeling beneficent, because they led me to choose an outfit that included a lot of red, and when I arrived at the interview, I found that my interviewer -- the head of the joint -- was wearing red-framed glasses.

Clare asked for pictures of me in my natural environment. Here's one of me riding my pink town bike. You can see the Isthmus Bike Path, including its intersection with Thornton Avenue, behind me.

Here's another one of me on the edge of a dumpster. It would have been more natural to have me in the dumpster, but it was dusk and those pictures didn't turn out.

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