Monday, May 28, 2007

Hackneyed Pretension

I have a migraine today. Sometimes beer works to dissolve the neck tension that can lead to a migraine, but it didn't work this time. Now I have a full-on migraine (not as a result of the beer -- it was only one beer), and the Imitrex is being a bit of a wuss. Oh, well. I haven't much to complain about. In college, a full-on migraine involved a full night of sleeplessness, tremors and vomiting. These days, it's just intense pain but, as you can see, not so intense that it keeps me from typing.

No Brat Fest pictures today. Having trouble uploading them.

I'm listening to Damien Rice "Accidental Babies" right now. I can't decide if it's one of the world's more beautiful songs, or if its pathos pushes it over that fine edge into hackneyed pretension.

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Anonymous said...

This is really a comment about the log of a few days ago, but if I comment on that one now, I don't think you will see this. (who reads old comments? I dunno). ANYWAY, please elaborate on new Earthshoes. I assume these were a self-award for securing a job after only 3 weeks unemployed. Anway, I'm wondering - back in the 70s I thought "they" decided earthshoes were actually detrimental to ones feet. But I see them now in stores, and now youk Kiapita, have got a pair. So - what do you know? Are they comfortable? what color?
- From ClareC, your fellow shoe lover.