Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Preserving our freedom, and eating bratwurst

As you have probably figured out by now, I am a bleeding heart liberal who does not believe that the unfettered economic activities of corporations inevitably result in a freer society. And since I like using the Internet, I would hope that access to it is not controlled by a handful of telecom companies. According to my fellow revolutionaries at Free Press, "The nation's largest telephone and cable companies — including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner — want to be Internet gatekeepers, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all. They want to tax content providers to guarantee speedy delivery of their data. They want to discriminate in favor of their own search engines, Internet phone services, and streaming video — while slowing down or blocking their competitors."

And the Federal Communications Commission is considering a way to make it easier for these companies to have their way. A proposal being considered by the FCC would turn over a large chuck of the public airwaves, which can be used for transmitting data over the Internet, to the big telecoms. Please click here and urge the FCC to reject this proposal.

Okay, now for the long-awaited Brat Fest pictures.

See, I'm not the only person who says that Madison's is the World's Largest Brat Fest.

In case you were thinking I was always irresistably sexy, now you know that sometimes I am just disgusting. But one must act the pig when eating one's Boca brat and kraut. (Yes, Phil, Boca makes vegetarian brats and they serve them at the World's Largest Brat Fest for just $1.50 apiece, so you should bring your whole family to this event next year.)

Here is a picture of me pouting in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I originally smiled for the camera, but my photographer thought the picture would be better if I pouted. It brings out the child in me. (In case you're trying to read it, the t-shirt says "Homeland Security: Fighting terrorism since 1492.") If you want a picture that actually gives you a good view of the Wienermobile, you'll have to post a comment to that effect.

Anyway, if you live in Madison, you get to see the Wienermobile a lot. In fact, anytime you want to see one, all you have to do is go by a certain parking lot near the Truax campus of Madison Area Technical College and there's a good chance you'll see more than one just sitting there.

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