Sunday, May 13, 2007

some people false-date their posts ...

... to make it look like they update their blogs on a regular, timely basis. But I know that's just a technologically sophisticated form of lying. So I will freely admit that I did not get around to starting this blog until now, almost two weeks since I left the den of iniquity in suburban Philadelphia. Here's a little photo journal of the experience.

I own too much crap. This is not even the half of it.

This wall used to be red. I was pretty impressed with my scrubbing job, assisted valiantly by Gina. It should be noted: Although Gina is a great help with wall-scrubbing, be careful about giving her crayons, because she will draw hearts on everything. I suppose I shouldn't hold it against her, because she let me sleep at her house on the evening of May 1 after my moving assistant John got lost bringing the Budget truck from the rental place to my apartment and a number of other incidents occurred, delaying departure by a day.

We left Wednesday morning, May 2, from Phoenixville, PA, after I bought a latte at the Dunkin' Donuts. I am not supposed to drink coffee because it burns a hole in my stomach, but I asked for extra whipped cream to act as a buffer. John doesn't drink coffee, so when he got tired of driving the truck, Miss Kitty had to take over for awhile.

I took this shot from my Toyota Prius. I know you're not supposed to take pictures while driving, but I thought it was important to have evidence of this event. Anyway, there was a turtle on my dashboard to keep an eye on the road for me.

See? I told you.

On Wednesday night, we stayed at the house of some high school friends of John's outside of Columbus, Ohio. Their kids know a lot of good knock-knock jokes:
"Who's there?"
"Tennessee who?"
"Tennessee you tonight?"

In the morning, I bought my last latte of the trip at Caribou Coffee. It was the best of the three, and also the one that finally burned a hole through my stomach lining. Oh, well. That's what I deserve for not drinking fair trade.

Can I tell you how much I disliked Indiana? Maybe it was because I ran out of good books on CD to listen to and kept trying to find the public radio stations on the low end of the dial. But all I could find there were these heinous, ahem, Christian, ahem, radio stations talking about how wrong it was that a minority of parents could sue to keep religious instruction out of public schools, even if the majority of parents in a school district wanted religious instruction.

Apparently, they had never heard of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or, for that matter, Jesus Christ, who never told his disciples to use the power of the state to force their religious beliefs on others.

I forgot to take any pictures in Illinois, because by that point I was super-cranky. Also, everything was very familiar, so I forgot I was still on my big road trip.

And then I was in Madison. This is the church where my favorite AA group meets on Monday nights. And no, I haven't broken my anonymity in this print or broadcast report, because I'm not a member of AA. I just think it's fabulous. I guess you could call me an AA groupie.

This was the final destination. John thought it would be funny to take this picture of me getting my new house key out of the mailbox. Don't be so distracted by my ass that you don't notice the fabulous shoes.

Oh, yes. This residence is my place of abode for the summer. It is very yoga-centric. Maybe you guessed that from the doorway hanging.


marcus said...

Hey Kathryn, this is so cool to see you in your natural habitat. i'd never guess that you were yoga-centric, but then it fits. i'm glad you made it safe through indiana. it is a place we pass through in order to get to somewhere. no offence to all the hoosiers out there. love ya, marcus

Kiapita said...

Actually, I am not yogacentric, although I've been known to do yoga. The centrism comes from the house's other residents.