Sunday, May 27, 2007

Water Glasses

Remember the little girl from M. Night Shyamalan's Signs that left half-drinken glasses of water around the house? She told her father it was because the water would start to taste funny once she began drinking it. I have been accused by some of my friends of being like that little girl, and not without reason. Yesterday, I found at least four unfinished glasses of water that I had left in various parts of the house. When I was a little girl with untreated OCD, my reasons for abandoning glasses of water were similar to hers. But now, I have no reason. I simply forget where I've put each glass, or that I have any out at all, and I go down to the kitchen and fill up another one, only to return to whichever room I've been in and realize that there's already one or two half-full glasses sitting right there on a table or bookshelf or dresser or, occasionally, inside a box or a laundry basket. Apparently my OCD has been replaced by early senility.

Cycling/walking log, just in case you were wondering:
I rode 27.8 miles today and walked a mile or so to break in my new Earth shoes.
I rode about 7 miles on the pink bike and walked about 3.5 miles yesterday.
On Friday, I rode 15.6 miles.
On Thursday, I rode 18 miles.
Wednesday, 15.8.
Tuesday, 18.
Sunday 5/20, 18.
Saturday 5/19: 6 miles on the pink bike.
Then it gets a little foggy ...
Sunday 5/12, 17.
Saturday 5/11, 6 on the pink.
Thursday 5/9, 27.
Tuesday 5/7, 6 on the pink.

I went to the world's largest bratfest today. For those of you not from the Upper Midwest, that's "brat" as in "German sausage," not "brat" as in "annoying, arrogant or spoiled child." Perhaps I will post pictures tomorrow. Right now, I should go to bed.


friend of brats said...

I really liked 'Signs' and in case you forgot, the little girl in 'Signs' is Abigail Breslin, the girl in 'Little Miss Sunshine.'
I also liked M. Night's 'Lady in the Water.'
I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't lead todays entry with the Brat Fest mention. Doesn't "Worlds Largest BratFest" deserve better?

crowntown said...

Glad to see you can finally admit the reasons, both then and now, for leaving half-filled glasses of water all over the house.