Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wednesday evening

Despite what the date stamp on this entry says, today is Wednesday, and right now it’s 9:20 p.m. Central Time. Which means I should go to bed soon. My Internet connection isn’t working right now – well, not my Internet connection, per se, but rather the one on which I most often rely – and so I must write this off-line and post it later.

The second day at the job went well. My new boss has such confidence in me, it kind of worries me. Not that she shouldn’t have confidence. I am a solid researcher, a decent writer and a persnickety editor. But I am more used to supervisors who compliment me after I’ve completed my work, and then usually in a rushed, “by the way, good job” sort of way, lest their praise be mistaken for soft-heartedness. I guess the experience at my last job makes me prone to thinking that when people are nice to me in the workplace, they are just trying to butter me up so that when they ask me to do something unethical later, I might fall for doing it. Or that they are trying to assuage their guilt over their decision to lay me off. One or the other. But I have a sense that my new boss may, in fact, be a genuinely kind person. Perhaps I really am back in the Midwest.

I rode my bike to work today. It was 7.8 miles both ways, even though I took slightly different routes. The bike ride to work was 40 minutes, only 10 minutes longer than driving to work during rush hour, and much more pleasant. I kept an 80+ rpm pace pretty much the whole way, and I think I was generally going about 15 miles per hour, but those traffic lights slow a person down. There are showers at the office. The bike ride home is a bit shorter because it is more downhill, and comes out to about the same length as the drive home. Sweet, indeed.

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