Sunday, June 3, 2007

Free swag

Unlike fiddlefaddle (whose offline identity I am wondering about -- oh, won't you let me know, fiddlefaddle?), I am unable to take advantage of free swag at this tradeshow, because my employer is running it and thinks that taking swag would be bad form. I am, however, allowed to taste as much food as is offered me and, given that this is a food tradeshow, that's a lot. I think I tasted at least 30 different cheeses today, including several excellent varieties by a Dutch company called Polder. Yes, it's not made in Wisconsin, but it's still good.

Don't worry, I haven't forsaken Wisconsin, even though I really liked a blue cheese from California called Original Blue. The Limburger from Wisconsin -- the only Limburger made in the United States -- was scrumptious.

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