Saturday, June 16, 2007

Heterosexism and such

I have a standing appointment to go the farmer's market with a certain male friend. The drawback to this, we have both decided, is that people assume that we are a couple, and so it makes trolling for hotties much more difficult. The farmers make comments like "Which of you does more of the cooking?" and such. And on Wednesday, we both went to the same "home buyer's seminar" (well, that's what they called it, even though we all know you can buy a house or a condo, but you can't buy a home) and, because we obviously knew each other and were talking before it started, the woman running the seminar asked, "And when are you two looking to buy a home?" I told her we weren't buying together and she said, "Oh," as if someone had pinched her.

Maybe we should get t-shirts that say, "Sometimes boys and girls are just friends."

At the market, I bought much wonder, including strawberries, Tuscan kale, beets and beet greens, scallions, ostrich meat, goat's milk feta and red new potatoes. Oh, I'm hungry. I should go cook.

Bike log:
Wednesday, 23.5 miles
Thursday, 28 miles
Friday, 15.6 miles on the recumbent
Today: 7.5 on pink and recumbent

Speaking of the recumbent, I had forgotten that it uses different muscles than the road bike, so my legs are like jelly today.


ClareC said...

Dear Kiapita,
Ostritch meat scares me. I know it shouldn't, because it's no different than any other sort of bird. Does it have redeeming qualities?
Also, does the farmers market you frequent offer much in the way of donuts?

Rodrigo said...

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