Friday, June 1, 2007

I guess people get a little punchy at tradeshows

Heard on a United Airlines flight yesterday: Two flight attendants talking amicably with a customer about how Continental has much roomier seats in economy class.

While it is, in fact, true that Continental's row spacing provides more leg room that United's does, I expected United employees to have more fear about losing their jobs than yesterday's discussion proved. Perhaps United's worker-ownership model truly did have a long-lasting empowerment effect.

P.S. My co-worker just decided that her life calling is to obtain a Wienermobile of her own and use it to drive people from cocktail party to cocktail party. I guess people get a little punchy at tradeshows.

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fiddlefaddle said...

From my limited tradeshow experience, the favorite thing was taking advantage of the freebies and related swag. My bosses would send me out to scout for free muffins and cookies. I even wandered into the kitchen and food staging areas to see what was on the way out to the convention floor.