Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wait a minute, was I supposed to get married today?

I rode my recumbent yesterday for the first reasonable ride since I got it back from the bike shop. Alas, there was a problem with one of the shifters. This recumbent, a Linear, has a 3-gear internal shifter as well as a 7-gear external (chain ring and derailleur) shifter, resulting in a total of 21 gears. Ideally. But the internal shifter likes to act like a 2-gear shifter, skipping straight from low to high, or high to low, without pausing on the middle gear at all. And it was doing that yesterday. So I took it back to the shop. Guess I will be riding the road bike to church today.

Yesterday's total: only 11 or so miles. Friday's total was 8 on the pink bike and Thursday's was, well, I don't remember. Maybe 6 on the road bike. But it was against the wind, or perpendicular to it, almost the whole time, so I think that counts as at least 12.

On Thursday, violent windstorms swept the Midwest. When I was riding in the morning, it was vigorous -- maybe 15 or 20 miles an hour at times -- but not nausea-inducing. Later in the morning, the Minneapolis airport shut down, and air traffic control grounded flights in Chicago. That afternoon, my friend fiddlefaddle called me every five minutes with nerve-wracking updates from just west of here, the most stomach-churning of which included a kayak that speared a pine trunk. I reneged on my Thursday evening commitment because I did not want to be in transit when the monster hit us. But it never did. We got a spit of rain.

I start paying for COBRA tomorrow, but only for the next 20 days. Insurance with my new employer kicks in on July 1. Perhaps this is why I've gotten fewer marriage proposals lately; the men in my life don't see any reason I would marry them, other than for pragmatic reasons.

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