Monday, July 9, 2007

Eating for two (days)

I was not as hungry yesterday as one would have expected, given all the riding I did. I suppose it was the heat that kept my appetite down. I made up for it today, back in the air-conditioned office. As I packed my food this morning, I asked myself, “Do you really think you’re going to eat all this, Kathryn,” and I answered myself, “Best be prepared. And if I don’t, I’ll have leftovers for tomorrow.”

Well, I ate pretty much all of it. Two cheese sandwiches, roasted chicken with roasted figs and veggies, green beans Athena (green beans simmered with tomatoes, onions and feta), a box of raisins, a little bag of animal crackers ... I don’t remember what else. Oh, yes, some grazing on chocolate, prunes, and saltines. Not simultaneously.

The bad part about riding a lot is the windburn. Of course, windburn and sunburn feel a lot alike, but when the inside of my nose feels lightly sunburned, I figure it must have gotten irritated by the wind. Any cyclists or convertible drivers out there who’ve faced a similar problem? Do they make windburn balm for the inside of your nose and sinuses?

So, there’s this guy I see on the bike path on my way home from work. He’s usually going at a nice clip, maybe 15 miles an hour. This is not remarkable. The remarkable detail is that he always has an open book in one of his hands and is reading it. So, even though I’m not a law enforcement officer, do you think I could arrest him, anyway? There are pedestrians all over that path, and I’m sure none of them want to be injured as a result of his self-absorption.

Now, my self-absorption, that’s another matter.

Two of my friends are signed up to do the Madison AIDS Network ride in August. One of them only signed up last week, and hadn’t ridden more than two miles at a time yet this year (although she’s done the ride in previous years). The ride is 300+ miles in four days. Her recklessness inspires me. I am tempted to sign up myself. Do you think I can raise $1,200 in seven weeks? I already need to raise another $250 in the next two weeks for the Dane County Boys and Girls Club, and I keep forgetting to hit people up for that.

Well, there is more to my life than cycling. Like laundry. I need to do some tonight.

p.s. Credits to Dekalb for the title.

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Dekalb said...

I know all about windburn on the face. I don't get it from biking, but from driving for UPS. The only air conditioning is the open doors in the cab, so when you're driving around all day that's a lot of blowing wind.
Of course, my eyes feel dried out, though not my nostrils. Maybe that's cuz of your position as you ride?
Time for me to get my laundry on the drying rack, bye.