Friday, July 6, 2007

Gina said something really brilliant that I was going to use as a title, but I forgot what it was

The wedding is tomorrow. Whoa.

Not my wedding -- the wedding I'm co-officiating. It promises to be fun. The bride and groom are providing no help with suggestions for what I should wear. "Wear whatever you like," they say. But I like so many things! How to choose?

Sunday total: 18.7
Monday: 16.1
Tuesday: 18.3
Thursday: 16.75

I spent all of the Fourth of July doing housework. Celebrating independence from cherry juice stickying up the kitchen floor. The problem with the 4th being on a work night is that you either have to stay up late to watch the fireworks, but still get up in the morning, or go to bed at the regular time and hear the fireworks. I opted for the latter, and still managed to fall asleep. Earplugs help.

The kids next door to me kept lighting ones out on the street, which I particularly dislike. Not for the noise per se or because of safety reasons or because I hate to see children having fun, but because the first one going off always makes me think I'm under fire in the West Bank.


Dekalb said...

At least you have lots of cute shoes to choose from!
I celebrated the fourth by shooting off 5 big bottle rockets I found on the curb during student move out days here in Madison. They've been sitting around for 2 years now.
A sign of how long it's been since I shot off bottle rockets- I forgot the bottle so I had to jam the sticks into the ground. 2 never made it off terra firma, and 1 had a bad fuse. All in all, it was a lackluster performance.

Gina said...

I needed a break from all the polygamy, murder, and violence.

Gina said...
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