Sunday, July 8, 2007

I am a cycling addict

Friday: 32 miles
Saturday:17 miles
Today: It should be around 49 or 50 by the time I get home

I biked to Windsor to look at a garden for a local magazine. Funny, quirky garden. the woman had put a fake skull and a tequila bottle in the cactus/desert section of the garden. But miles 15-30 (the way back home) sucked. It's in the 90s today and i was going against the wind. I felt like a turtle trying to crawl its way out of a kiln. But then I stopped at home, put my head under the cold water faucet, stuffed my face with chicken and raisins and cheese curds and a coconut popsicle, and I was all energized to bike to church. Of course, all that eating made me run late. i didn't get there until 6:40, halfway through the sermon, and I wondered why I had even bothered. But then the pastor told a story about a man being chased by a lion, falling over a cliff, and catching onto a branch. He looked down and noticed another lion below him. Then he noticed, within arm's reach, some alpine strawberries growing out of a crevice. There was a big ripe one, and he reached for it and plucked it off. He ate it and enjoyed it very much.

And then we sang "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," which rocks for many reasons, including a series of descending half-steps in one bar of the alto part. The words are good, too. I love it.

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