Sunday, July 1, 2007

To the three people who read this...

You may wonder why all the silence the past few weeks. Well, the internet access that I had completely died, and what with freelance work and cherries to can, I have had no time to bring my computer elsewhere for blogging, or even checking my e-mail. Yes, it is a sad story, I know. You missed hearing how I was inspired to give up caffeine completely for three days before falling back off the wagon. See, I'd heard a woman from AA talk about how she would pretend to herself she wasn't drinking alcohol whenever she spiked her water or orange juice or soda or coffee with vodka because, after all, it was just a splash, and it reminded me how I put just a splash of coffee in my milk and pretend it won't really eat the lining in my gut even though, from much experience, I know that it will. Yes, I know that caffeine addiction and alcoholism aren't comparable in the larger scheme of things, but in this one small detail -- telling yourself that the thing you are imbibing that is destroying your system won't really hurt you if you just pretend that you are not imbibing it -- in this one small detail, they are similar.

Oh, if only I had my father's steel stomach.

And you missed hearing about the 30+ pounds of cherries DeKalb and I picked last Sunday, and all my complaining about how long it takes to pit them by hand. Now did I post a picture of the impressions my dentist took of my teeth for a much-needed nightguard. And I didn't tell you about my new haircut, or about a stupid ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, or the woman who is not allowed to grow vegetables in front of her store on Monroe Street.

And I did not give you a daily blow-by-blow of my search for alternate transportation routes since the city of Madison closed a section of the Missing Link bike path, which I would otherwise use every day on my way to work.

I didn't tell you how sweet the juneberries that grow behind my workplace are, or ho I missed catalpa season for the third year in a row -- they drop their flowers so fast.

Bike log, starting two Sundays ago:
Sun, 19.4 miles
Tue, 16.3
Wed, 18.5
Thurs, 17
Fri, 16.3
Sat, 5
Mon, 16.5
Tue, 16.7
Wed, 16.3
Th, 18.75
Fri, 18
Sat, 15
Today, 1.5, so far


so technically you're a... said...

for all the Kiapita completionists out there, here's the update for Sundays mileage.... 17.7 miles

Koko said...

I'm a little disappointed that I had to catch up all at once like that. It was a good read nonetheless. :) The 30lbs of cherries sound amazing!