Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yesterday was a very weird day

All is copacetic on the homefront. The offer was officially accepted yesterday, and closing is by the end of August. If the inspection goes without a hitch, I hope to move that date up sooner so I have more time to paint and put in new flooring in the bedroom while it's still hot and humid outside. I had dinner with my friends Matt and Kathy last night and they showed me the flooring that Matt had put in upstairs, using recovered boards that they bought at the Habitat ReStore. It looked fabulous, so I told him he could come over and work on my place. Generous of me, I think.

The disturbing part of yesterdy came in the afternoon, when I received an e-mail from the seller (who also happens to be a friend) on a completely different topic: a friend of ours went missing on Tuesday night. No foul play is suspected, but it was unexpected and is upsetting to a lot of people. She has about a bazillion friends. If you live in the Madison area and want more info or want to post flyers in your workplace or elsewhere, call me and I can e-mail you a pdf.

Yesterday's biking total: 16.75 miles

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