Monday, August 6, 2007

Daily reprieve

Today was extraordinarily difficult.

I had originally intended to say "inexplicably difficult." But then I realized that I've totally been skimming over my morning prayers and meditation has gong completely out the window, so the difficulty is, perhaps, explicable. And perhaps the fact that I only got six hours of sleep last night, and am trying to close on a condo in two weeks, and biked 28-point-something miles just to get to work and a meeting, and ran out of prepared foods and had to cook both breakfast and dinner from scratch even though I really had no time to do so -- perhaps those things had something to do with it.

The good thing is that it started raining tonight on my way home -- or, rather, to the place where I'm housesitting, which is actually 10 miles from the place I was living up until last Wednesday, and 10 miles from the meeting I went to tonight.

There is something reassuring about bicycling in the rain, once you get over the grit that coats your legs and the weird slick feeling your skin gets as sweat mixes with water. (Oh, and the frequent blinking to keep water out of your eyes and/or the incessant wiping down of your glasses.) I think it's the sound of the wheels skimming past puddles, and that drumming of rain against the leaves and the asphalt and my helmet, and the fact that my legs can just keep moving even when I have no real desire to move them -- the rhythm of these things reassures me that God is right alongside me, humming Her little tune.

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What I Think said...

Hi, this is Zoe, apparently your partner is bike-riding obsession! Riding in the rain is a-okay with me as long as it is warm rain - in the winter, when snot freezes on my sleeve, rain is not my friend. Last week I got caught in three (3) thunderstorms, and the last one was so violent that I couldn't see the road at all. Every part of me was drenched. I now always carry my phone in a ziplock bag!