Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Haven't written in the past few days because my brain's been a bit foggy. I've had a cold since Saturday. The cold also led to a decrease in my bicycling -- only 23 or 24 miles total since Saturday. But it should come as no surprise; I was running myself a bit ragged, don't you think?

On Sunday, I went to the Gandy Dancer Festival in Madison's Central Park with the female adult of the heterosexual-parent household where I'm staying, along with the kids -- M.R., 6; M.J., 3; and R., 7 months -- and DeKalb. The festival was apparently a fix for bluegrass junkies, but we were there for the double-decker passenger train that left Central Park on the hour for a ride up the tracks to Waunakee and back. (I am told that these double deckers are what they use in Chicagoland for the suburban commuter trains.) I couldn't find my camera, so I took pictures using the household camera. About 23 of them were of M.J. smearing chocolate ice cream all over his face as part of his attempt at eating it.

It is wonderful to hang out with other people's kids -- much better than having your own, I think. On Saturday, when I was attempting to take a desperately needed nap, M.R. and M.J. decided it would be a good idea to start knocking on my door. At first, ear plugs muffled the sound enough, but then they must have resorted to kicking. So I got out of bed, opened the door a crack and said, "Do you want a time out?" Their heads dropped back and they stared at me with their jaws agape. I am usually the fun adult, you see.

Later, after I completed my nap in peace -- and after making a mental note to definitely pursue getting my tubes tied -- I came upstairs to the kitchen, where M.R. and M.J. were making popsicles."You see," M.R. explained, "since you weren't going to play with us, we got bored of sitting outside your room, so we decided to find something fun to do ourselves." She said this in a definite tone of condescension, to drive home the point that my laziness was making me miss out on all the fun.


So, the house closing is scheduled for Monday. If you are wondering what housewarming gift to present me with, might I suggest a Vita-Mix Super 5000 or a Dewalt cordless drill?

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