Friday, August 3, 2007

I am so tired I can hardly believe it

But I'm also really hungry, so I can't go to sleep yet. Thought I'd type while I chow.

So many interesting stories from this week but, being tired, I will just give you a mundane listing of highlights. Moved out of the place I was staying this summer. Was going to put my dresser and bed in a friend's garage, but after three days of calling her, I realized we had failed to communicate about the timing and she was in California. Oops. Nice landlady has let me keep the bed in the house for a few days more.

Now I'm housesitting for some friends, which involves watering their garden every few days and collecting eggs from the chickens. It's Madison. You're allowed to keep chickens as long as they don't bother the neighbors. They passed an ordinance a few years ago explicitly permitting it, after a lot of urban chicken-raising scofflaws and law-abiding would-be urban chicken farmers lobbied the city council for the change. It was a big deal. As soon as the ordinance passed, my then-landlady kept asking me, "When are you going to get your chickens? You seem like the chicken-raising type." But she had a part-pitbull, and I thought better of it.

Oh, I got sidetracked off the list, but that's probably just as well. Must sleep now.

Friday: 16 miles
Sunday: 20 miles
Monday: 20, I think
Tuesday: 20
Thursday: 40
Today: 15

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