Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Smells like brand spirit

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures to this blog. Here's one my friend Michelle took of me at a pick-up soccer game a few weeks ago. As you can see, I had knocked her to the ground and was laughing heartily at her misfortune.

(Um, do I have to explain here that I am kidding and that she was just lying on the ground in a moment of repose after the game?)

Yesterday I received the most curious bicycling-related injury. I was biking about 20 mph under a canopy of trees and -- whack! -- something tiny got caught in the draft snapped me right between the eyebrows, in just about the only space not covered by my glasses or helmet. At first I thought it was a small beetle, maybe a lightning bug, since I often encounter such creatures on that particular route. But that thought only lasted about a nanosecond, because my skin started to feel aflame. As you might imagine, I yelled some expletive and pulled off. I decided it must have been an acorn and that my forehead was probably turning dark purple, if not bleeding profusely, but when I looked in my mirror, I saw no sign of injury. It was rather disappointing.

Being that I am rather thick, it wasn't until about an hour later -- when I touched the spot and felt a searing sting -- that I figured out a bee had embedded a little hot poker right at the place my eyebrows would join, if I had a monobrow. Poor thing died because I created an updraft. I would not make a very good Jain.

Went to PF Chang's for an office birthday celebration today. I hadn't known before that point that what America has been waiting for all this time was a chain Chinese-ish restaurant where all the dishes cost twice as much as in an actual Chinese restaurant.

But the need for branded Chinese food should not surprise me, especially given this recent study that shows we succumb to brand brainwashing when we are barely off the breast.

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