Thursday, August 16, 2007

What makes the world run

You can learn some remarkable things reading food industry publications all day. Take this one: According to a survey commissioned by Green Giant, a third of parents think their children are more likely to become President of the United States than to eat enough fruits and vegetables. I find this sad, because it means that these parents think their child can become President without eating fruits and vegetables.

Of course, these parents aren't incorrect in making this assumption -- I'm pretty sure Reagan didn't eat enough of them, and I know that Bush H.W. and Clinton had their own issues with them. But my question is this: Should it be true? Does someone who refuses to eat enough fruits and vegetables really have what it takes to be President?

This is not to say that anyone who eats a varied diet would make a good national leader. But I have my doubts that someone who has not developed an intimate gastronomic relationship with leaves, shoots, fruits, roots and stalks understands what makes the world run -- much less has the ability to help the process along.

And if this seems too esoteric to you -- well, I guess I'll just have to explain more later.

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