Thursday, September 6, 2007

Out of touch with the world

My cell phone died on Monday. Fortunately, I had another, brand new one in my storage unit, and it was one of the last things I put in there, so it was not buried under a million things. Why did I have it? Because AT&T sent it to me accidentally and when I asked them to send me a return postage label so I could send it back to them, they said, "Whatever, we might." And they never did, and they never charged me for the phone. I feel a little conflicted about the new phone, because it's made by LG, and I have reason to believe that the owner of Igneva Ignoble, my former workplace, has a majority stake in LG. It's the same reason I haven't bought a dehumidifier with my 10% off Home Depot coupon -- HD only carries LG models. Hmmm, does Bed Bath & Beyond carry dehumidifiers? I have a 20% off coupon from them.

Back to the phone situation. I had all my phone numbers saved to the now-dead phone's memory, not the SIM chip, so I lost the phone number of just about everybody I know. If you are related to me and moved within the past two years or you live in Pennsylvania, you can be almost positive that I lost your phone number. So if you ever want to hear from me again, send me your phone number, okay? Thanks.

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