Friday, October 19, 2007

The key to happiness

While awaiting for my prescription to be filled yesterday at Community Pharmacy, and mourning the $220 upfront cost for nine Imitrex tablets, I went across the street to Heartland Birkenstock (which carries only a few pairs of Birks these days) to see how many pairs of shoes I might buy for the same price. I made a beeline for El Naturalistas, and tried on these high heels:

Even though I was in my bike shorts, they looked fabulous. And I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable three-inch heels could be -- although, their being Naturalistas, I was by no means shocked. Maybe they weren't suited enough for going on long walks downtown -- at least not without some practice (I can always hold out hope) -- but they were comfortable enough.

Then I tried on this pair:

The picture doesn't do them justice.

I know I really ought to branch out beyond red. Maybe into purple or chartreuse -- those are options, too, though they weren't available in the store. But red is so elemental. It matches everything. Just ask the Chinese. I used to watch tons of depressing epic Chinese films in college (I cried for hours after Farewell My Concubine) and, while I can't pretend not to have appreciated the above-par storytelling and acting, it didn't hurt that there was so much red cloth to look at.

It was an "Imagine, don't own" shoe trip so, no, I didn't come home with a new pair. But if I run into some money and decide that art and beauty are more important than powertools (the French Bohemians would have said so), perhaps I will make a return visit.


The Lazy Editor said...

I'm now officially on blogspot.

I would love to see you prancing around a shoe store in three-inch heels. It would make my year.

The Lazy Editor said...

Oh, The Lazy Editor is Gina.

The Lazy Editor said...

Okay, I was exaggerating in order to point out how dull it was to work in an office. My state of mind-numbing despair improved when I found you and the other colonists. But that would take too long to explain, I think. That post was long enough.

The Lazy Editor said...

And I have a link to your blog under the category "Blogs I Enjoy Reading"