Monday, October 15, 2007

Sensationalist recycling

An Idaho veterinarian has had a brilliant idea. Deal with the manure from farms by feeding it to maggots, who use half of it to build their own bodies and break the other half down into a clean soil amendment. Then feed the maggots to rainbow trout.

Alas, this article from the Associated Press sensationalizes the process a bit, stating that it would involve feeding manure to trout. That's a bit like saying that humans eat sunlight, since we eat plants that feed off of sunlight.

Never thought you'd see manure compared favorably with sunlight, did you?


G said...

So, Girl, how the heck can I reach you? And when is your next book coming out! If Ann What'shername can right "religious" musings like the chapter, "Why I Make Sam Go to Church," I'm sure there's a market for you!
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G said...

Oops, that's "write" religious
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