Monday, January 28, 2008

Meat guzzlers

I used to be a vegetarian, but quit for health and ethical reasons. Over the course of a year, I consume what I thought was about the same amount of meat a non-starving person in a developing country would eat. Then I read in this article in The New York Times that the worldwide average per capita meat consumption is four ounces a day.

I know it is gauche to use exclamation marks when writing, but really -- four ounces a day!

I already knew I ate less meat than the average American (eight ounces a day), but less than the average world citizen? I find this hard to believe.

Of course, the article is talking about averages, not medians, so it could be that the Western nations and natives of the sparsely vegetated Arctic are skewing the statistic.

Anyway, read the article. If you think the oil problem is bad -- well, now you have something else to worry about.

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