Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today's news link is to a Washington Post article on the disappearance of supermarkets from New York City's boroughs. Here in Madison, I'm usually glad to have three grocery stores within a mile-and-a-half radius of my abode, although with the continuously iced-over sidewalks of late, I am starting to wish that weren't all at the periphery of that circle. When I bike to work every day, I make pitstops for groceries or produce at least twice a week on my way home from work, but nowadays the shopping trips tend to be less than weekly. On Monday, I -- gasp! -- borrowed DeKalb's car to carry home my five sacks of groceries (four reusable cloth sacks and one reused plastic bag, of course). This was undoubtedly the largest grocery trip I have undertaken in more than a year. I figured I might as well stock up so I don't have to travel back through the snow again soon. Even then, I doubt I'll be able to stay completely away from a supermarket for a full week; after all, I only bought fifteen bananas, and one can't expect those to last in my presence for more than four days, max.

Which reminds me, some of you suggested that perhaps the muscle contractions described in a recent post were caused by a banana-overconsumption-induced electrolyte imbalance. I am glad to report that my physician nixed that hypothesis. I am free to continue eating them to my heart's content, which is really quite within reason, I think -- I don't recall ever eating more than seven of them in one day.

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