Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last Thursday I had my first "Maybe I should give that up for Lent" thought of the year. Of course, I had it in that vague "sometime down the road" way. Not until Saturday did I realize that Lent starts tomorrow. My dad says I have no choice in this unless I can change the moon phases -- which, last time he checked, I was unable to do. It seems rather inconsiderate of the moon to me; shouldn't I have a little more time to choose my Lenten discipline?

I suppose the spiritual lesson in this is that Lent is not about the grand schemes of sacrifice that I come up with. It's about something beyond my power -- God and the pervasiveness of human frailty, perhaps?

I received this fasting suggestion from Christian Peacemaker Teams in my e-mail box this morning:
"Fast from unproductive, sarcastic, unloving critical remarks about personal and corporate/structural (governments, armies, etc.) enemies."

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