Friday, February 8, 2008


The New York Times has a thoughtful blog on the benefits of resigning oneself to migraines and, by extension, other debilitating but non-life-threatening illnesses. It says just the words I never thought of putting into writing -- too resigned, I guess.

The paper also has an article explaining what we should have already known -- that biofuels likely result in more greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. It's not that biofuels are inherently worse; burning diesel made from used restaurant fry oil, for example, probably is no more climate-harming than petrol. But when we rip up natural areas to plant crops -- and that's what planting crops always requires -- we destroy carbon sinks. Some may try to convince you that crops inhale carbon dioxide just as efficiently as wild plants, but that's just a bunch of baloney. Tilling the land releases carbon dioxide, and leaving care ground or mulch between crop rows means that there is that much less plant matter on the ground. Look at any vegetable or corn field and calculate the area of soil that the plants take up versus the areas of soil between the plants. The math will show you that most of the ground is bare of plant life.

All farming is violent; it's just a matter of degree and type that differentiates the land-sentimental biodynamic farmers from the Monsantos of the world.

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