Monday, February 25, 2008


After last week, I had many reasons to retreat from life.

And so I did.

Friday, I went out to a Lutheran campground in Dodgeville , where the Madison area's urban Anabaptists flock one weekend every winter for singing, Boggle-playing, sleeping, not sleeping, the consumption of Nutter Butters, and all-weather Capture the Flag.

I really need a camera, but perhaps one of my church buddies will send me a photo of the Capture the Flag game for me to post here. Unlike last year, when there was a blizzard most of the weekend, this weekend was sunny and, for Wisconsin in February, warm. This aspect of the weather was ideal for outdoor sports. What was not ideal was the amount of snow, which was up to my waist in some places. This makes running after someone a little difficult, and running away even more so -- when you run away from someone through ankle, knee or waist-deep snow, you clear a path for whomever follows.

My teammate Magdalena, who is 6 years old and a little over half my height, designated me as her human snowplow. If she wanted to chase someone or go on a scouting mission, she said, "Kiapita, I need to go over there. Could you please walk ahead of me?" Given that the snow would have been up to her chest in places, I felt in only fair to oblige. Of course, when we returned to the great indoors at afternoon's end, I did not refrain from complaining to her how sore my butt was from the plowing-induced quad workout.

I suppose I am getting old, because I only played one game. The kids were more hardcore and played two. Although none of them are baptized yet, they apparently have already accepted one tenet of our faith: We Mennonites don't mind suffering if it's for a good reason.

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