Friday, March 14, 2008

As if I didn't have enough to worry about

Apparently I am late on this news, but scientists have linked depression with heart failure. This doesn't come as a huge surprise to me. What does seem odd is that none of my doctors have ever said anything about it, given that I have a history with depression that goes back to childhood. Of course, I am only 33 -- but one hopes that by the time I turn 40, they might mention it as something to watch out for.

The thing I would like to see studied is whether heart inflammation decreases when depression is treated or in remission. All this article tells us is, "There's no proof that treatment for depression will extend the life span of someone with heart failure, but it can improve quality of life."

Well, duh -- to the latter.

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Anonymous said...

Kiapita do not worry!
I am turning 38! Yes 38, in a cold winter, out of my country, without documents!
Depression, well yes some times or perhaps many times, however there is nothing that
a good TACO and a Corona and a good soccer game cannot fix!

Next time in Phila I invite you some Tacos, Corona and soccer! Saluusita. Oby-One