Thursday, May 8, 2008

Professional suicide

At this point, my postings have become so irregular that I wouldn't be surprised if my mom's co-worker have stopped reading it.

But I felt compelled to put in an entry to notify everyone of my stupid and infuriating news of the day.

Obviously, the Austrian kidnapping case is also infuriating, but since there is little possibility that I will ever have the opportunity to practice (or change) laws in said country, I try not to focus much energy on it. I will mention, however, that -- while I find the maximum sentence of 15 years for rape to be a bit odd -- the fact that there has been no mention of possible prosecution under kidnapping and imprisonment charges causes me to wonder if Austria completely lacks laws regarding kidnapping and imprisonment. Maybe the stalwart Nazis and Nazi sympathizers who remain in said nation have prevented such laws from passing -- you wouldn't want any legal impediments to kidnapping and imprisoning, oh, say, immigrants, Jews and Scientologists, would you?

As you can see, I'm a bit feisty this week. I know one is not supposed to talk about work on one's blog, but I can't imagine that it would make the situation much worse. Suffice it to say that I got reamed out by my boss earlier this week because someone's been spreading rumors that I punch in on the clock before I shower in the morning -- the showering being requisite when I bike to work. (Why salaried people are required to punch in at a place where no hours are billed to anyone is a mystery that I cannot explain to you.)

Needless to say, the rumor is patently false, and my boss and the rumor-mongers could easily have learned so just by checking the in/out board on the freaking computer while I'm in the shower. It would show that I am, indeed, not punched in. Which I, naturally, told my boss.

My boss seems to have come around to my side but, really, why in the name of all that is good and holy would I want to continue working in a place where people act like such -- what is the phraseI'm looking for here? oh yes, here it is -- petty little assholes?

If you work at a place where people have moved beyond the maturity level of popular middle school girls, and it has job openings, feel free to let me know.

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Dekalb said...

A fellow where I work got fired for just such a thing. In this case, he had made a habit of punching out after he took his shower. Even the union couldn't save his clean butt after he was caught. Sorry you have to put up with the petty people.
Did you see 'Iron Man?'