Thursday, June 12, 2008

8.7 miles

My sister called on Monday to see if I was dead, since I haven't posted anything in more than a month. Also, she thought the thunderstorms and flooding might have gotten me, but I missed those, as I was in Louisiana.

When I was biking along Starkweather Creek on Tuesday, I noted that the creek overflow has created spots quite reminiscent of Louisiana bayous. Alas, no alligators.

I promised my sister that soon there would be way way way too much to read on the blog, and too many pictures to look at, and possibly links to videos on You Tube, as I took about 700 pictures and 25 videos during my 11 days down south.

I biked to work this morning, knowing that it would thunderstorm, but I stupidly neglected to cover the seat with a plastic bag, and now the sky has just burst open, and the seat is getting soaked.

Not like I'm going to sit on it again today. I'm taking the bus home. I like biking in the rain, but this is not rain. It is Victoria Falls.

Post script: Here is a funny commentary on rising gas prices. Here is a link to my fundraising page for ACT 6, a fundraiser for the AIDS Network. Give early and often.

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