Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back in Bavaria

ADVISORY: This entry is dated by when the events discussed occurred, not by when it was written (June 21, 2008).

Last night we stayed in a bed and breakfast that featured a jacuzzi and an electric fireplace. It has two options (besides off): one for fire with heat, one for without. N thought it was hilarious, given that it's 80 degrees and humid outside for much of the year. I defended the fireplace, saying that since no one has central heating in Louisiana, the electriv fire with heat would come in quite handy on chilly days in winter. You know, when it drops to 50. He conceded that I had a point.

After all that, I of course had to have him pose for a picture in front of the contraption. The tabloid-size publication he is reading is not a newspaper, it's a road atlas. He calls it a "gazetteer." It's unclear to me how much statistical and geographical information an atlas must have before it technically meets the definition of "gazetteer," but "gazetteer" does certainly trip off the tongue more than "road atlas."

I insisted on taking full advantage of the suite's amenities by bathing in the jacuzzi before we checked out. This idea did not hold as much appeal for N, who preferred to spend more time with the gazetteer, ostensibly to plan our route to Baton Rouge, but really because he thinks that reading maps is fun.

This is where we stopped for lunch. Bavarian eats was not exactly what I was expecting in Ponchatoula, but they were pretty tasty. I told N, "When we get back to Wisconsin, we'll have to go eat Cajun food in New Glarus." (Yes, I know New Glarus is Swiss, not Bavarian, but you get the idea.)

It serves breakfast until noon every day, which we found out because we got there at 11:52 a.m. and the host informed us that we could choose whether to use the breakfast menu or the lunch menu, but we could not order from both. If the host had known me, he would have known not to give me the option, because I have to of course ruminate over such a weighty decision for at least 15 minutes, and we had only 7 minutes to decide. And when I'm hungry, it takes me even longer to decide anything.

The breakfast menu looked better because it had apple pancakes on it, but we chose the lunch menu because if I had that much sugar I would not be able to sit still in the car. I have a habit of fidgeting even without sugar, as my sister can attest, because back in our halcyon days of youth, she would always have to yell at me "STOP SHAKING THE CAR!" when she was drove me anywhere because I'd be bouncing up and down in my seat, which I called "dancing to the radio."

Here are some things we saw while driving:

I don't suppose I should think such things, but when I saw these crosses, the first thought that popped into my mind was, "Who are they planning to kill on those things? Giants?"

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