Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Walking in the vicinity of the Garden District

Some flowers.

What is this? A peony made of wood shavings? A southern fungus? A tattered something?

It's like being in Havana.

Bananas growing on the street.

Magnolia roots.

Allium or agapantus?

Is there a Most Dangerous Sidewalk in America contest? Because if there is, I want to enter this one. Note the four-inch height difference toward the street. I'd blame it on flooding, but it seems to be a matter of an exuberantly rooting tree.

Yay! Corn bread, mac & cheese, collards and alligator sausage. Can you say "good eatin'"? (I know the picture looks frighteningly technicolor, but that's a trick of the lighting conditions.) We almost didn't eat at this place because N was afraid there would be too many drunks there. No, I said, alll those drunks hanging out on the sidewalk were from the bar next door. And I was right. This place was virtually empty, but the food very good.

ADVISORY: This entry is dated by when the events discussed occurred, not by when it was written.

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