Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No big storm

If this commercial had aired in America, a storm of protest would have ensued and James Dobson would have gotten on his ill-titled "Focus on the Family" show to lament the moral state of our country while, of course, ignoring actual moral issues like (1) the fact that we have and continue to slaughter thousands of Iraqis for no good reason but, apparently, our national pride or (2) that this is the only industrialized nation in the world where people regularly die for lack of healthcare or (3) women in America have the worst access to birth control and the highest abortion rates of any industrialized nation. Then, thousands of households would have removed the Heinz mayonnaise from their fridges and attempted to shatter them in public ceremonies (failing only because Heinz has largely switched from glass to plastic packaging in our market) and a congressional representative from the Southwest would introduce an "obscenity" bill to outlaw such advertising (while retaining the inalienable right of advertisers to use gyrating thong-clad women to sell alcohol).

But this commercial did not air in the United States. It aired in Great Britain, resulting in a mere 202 (or so) complaints to the government's Advertising Standards Agency.

Nonetheless, Heinz pulled it. And it has become the commercial that was seen 'round the world.

Here's an article and some commentary for your reading pleasure.

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The Lazy Editor said...

Oh good grief. You are so right - the outrage in the UK is nothing compared to what it would be here.