Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And more miles

I keep forgetting to bring my camera on training rides, so I can't prove to you that I cycled miles and miles of hills this weekend. I don't know exactly how many of them were uphill and how many were down, but it was 183 in all -- approximately. My computer went on the fritz a couple times and I had to restart it. I was only going to bike on Saturday, a 90-mile trip, but I decided to go out on Sunday again to prepare myself psychologically for the big ride (now in nine days), as well as to work my muscles beyond fatigue do that they might be a little stronger by then. Jeanne, who led Saturday's ride, says that riding can be difficult, but it's not as hard as being on antiretroviral treatment or, worse, getting no treatment at all when you're HIV-positive.

Beside discovering this weekend that Cross Plains is a really beautiful place to bicycle, I also found that my water-resistant sunblock is not sweat-resistant. Thankfully, most of the pink has faded to brown by now and doesn't threaten to peel.

Here's a great piece that CBS Sunday Morning did on bicycle commuting.

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