Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sonic (not the Foundry)

When we were in Louisiana, we stopped at a Sonic Drive-In the afternoon after visiting Baton Rouge because I was becoming intolerably cranky and needed a coffee or a nap, and I was not going to fall asleep in the car, so coffee it was. We had a little trouble finding a fair trade coffee shop, as one might imagine, so I just had to close my eyes and hope that the coffee beans purchased by Sonic came from cooperatives in Central America (though Africa and South Asia would have been fine, too).

While at Sonic, I snapped about a bazillion pictures because it seemed so quintessentially other -- you know, from the other America, the one that is not in Wisconsin. It being other made it novel and fun, rather than just another source of so-called food that is corrupting America's taste buds and hooking our children on refined carbohydrates and other such things that, when taken in excess, can be called poison.

Needless to say, I was oh-so disappointed to here that Sonic is coming to Madison. How the mystique will be shattered!

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Anonymous said...

post some pix Kiapita! I have never been to Louisiana.