Friday, August 8, 2008

ACT 6: Day 2

The route takes ACT Riders along Condon Road every year. I'm still not sure if this is coincidence, or because "condon" means "condom" in Spanish.

In case you weren't aware, condom use is an effective way to reduce the transmission of HIV.

This hill is steeper than it looks.

See that black dot? That's a biker trying to make it up the endless hill. Go rider!

I thought I'd gotten pretty creative in meeting the theme of Day 2, which was Mardi Gras, what with my peacock feathers and sequined bike shorts. But then I saw Kelly.

See, I actually did spend some time on my bike.

Can you tell which one's my butt?

This dog at the Riley Tavern (in Riley, Wisconsin) made me very happy. I spent much time petting her and found a huge tick on her neck. Her caretakers removed it, as I did not have the proper supplies with me on my bike.

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