Saturday, August 9, 2008

ACT 6: Day 3

Someone else took this picture in the morning. I was determined to keep up a good pace because this would be a century (100-mile) day, so I refused to lollygag in the morning.
The theme of the day was Wisconsin, so the hosts of our AM pit decorated accordingly. Alas, they allowed us to consume the cheese curds, but not the beer.
Wasn't Day 2 supposed to be the hilly day?
No, seriously?
A group of Harley riders hosts a watermelon seed spitting contest for the riders and crew every year. This one was at Indian Lake, our PM pit.
Isn't Indian Lake pretty?
See how this road just seems to drop off. It pretty much does. It would have been fun to go down, but we were biking up the descent, not down.
I spent enough time at the top of this hill cheering other riders on that the sun came back out.
Roller derby people also make good crossing guards.
Can we be done with the hills already?
But we all made it up.
This town was one of our afternoon stops. We were there around 2:30 or so and still had, oh, 35-40 miles to go. It was a very nice town, but I guess I was too delirious to be able to remember what it was called. It had a cannery with trucks of corn and peas lined up outside. You could smell the discarded legume pods as they made their way down a chute into a waste truck. I imagine the pods went for feed, but I didn't stop to ask.

By this time I had given up on my resolve not to lollygag. My pace (including pit stops) had dropped to less than 10 mph. If I could get into camp before sunset, I was happy. And I did. Somewhere around 7 pm.

Those are the best kinds of showers.

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