Sunday, August 10, 2008

ACT 6: Day 4

This was where we had our first stop of the morning. I can't recall where the heck we were. Don't you think the line of caution tape contributes so much to the bucolic scene? Luckily, it was not police tape; there was a crane parked nearby that appeared to be taking respite from moving rocks about the river's edge. My prominent memory from this particular stop is that Jesse from Williamson Bicycle Works was kind enough to change my tire when I accidentally popped the air valve off of it. I never knew this before, but you can pop off the tip of a Presta valve if you attach a tire pump to it crookedly.
I called this guy Priscilla the whole ride. He was okay with it.

Only 4 more yards to go!
Rider Zero being accompanied to the closing ceremonies. You can't see Rider Zero, but you can see Rider Zero's bike, helmet and shoes. Rider Zero goes on the ride with us and represents people we've lost to HIV/AIDS. At the close of every day, we welcome Rider Zero into camp. Like all of the ACT riders, Rider Zero never gets left behind.

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