Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Terrorism at home

The St. Paul-Minneapolis-Ramsey County police made quite a to-do about their capture of alleged aspiring terrorists at the Republican National Convention this past week. Unfortunately for them, along with everyone who wishes there was a terrorist under every roof (because then that would justify bombing abroad and curtailing civil liberties at home even more!), they seem to have more rhetoric than evidence in most cases.

A good source of news about the eight people arrested for their work with the anarchist-leaning Republican National Convention Welcoming Committee is here. It's hosted by supporters of the RNC-8, but includes coverage from mainstream and conservative press, as well.

Meanwhile, one wonders what will happen to the law enforcement folks who attempted to strike terror into journalists and medics by locking them up and/or beating them for filming/treating folks who were pummeled by police officers.

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