Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beer that I could drink

I like the taste of a good beer but, going down, the alcohol feels like musketballs dropping into my stomach. Poor me and my sensitive stomach. So I'm stuck drinking Guiness Kaliber (0.50%), which is really quite good -- like drinking pumpernickel bread -- but not offered at many bars.

The New York Times had an article a while back about a new trend of low-alcohol craft brews. The ones that really piqued my interest have around 3% alcohol. I think my stomach might do okay with that -- it's like eating an overripe banana, right? But what are the chances that a Wisconsin microbrewery would aim for lower alcohol content? If you've heard of one, tell me. Otherwise, I might have to figure out how to brew my own, although they might chase me out of the Wine & Hop Shop if I tell them my goal.

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