Monday, November 10, 2008

Shame and regret

I was glad today to read that 1,000 protestors gathered outside of Saddleback Church yesterday to express their disenchantment with Rick Warren and his support of Proposition 8, which revoked the right of same-sex couples to marry in California.

I hope Rick Warren, or at least some of his congregants who have agreed with him on the issue, are beginning to experience shame and regret* over how they have allowed themselves to be used as tools to promote a bigoted and worldly** agenda that seeks to rob people of their God-given dignity. Rick Warren obviously has a heart and wishes, inasmuch as a human being might ever wish, to serve the greater good. But he has certainly allowed himself to be misled on this one.

*Given Obama's election on Tuesday, I am re-inclined to believe that all sorts of good are possible this side of heaven.
**"Worldy" is the Christian's polite way of saying "Satanic" -- and, being a Midwesterner, I am inclined to be polite.

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The Lazy Editor said...

Reading your two most recent posts leave me wondering just how we can ever unify this country.

But I think Dobson is becoming more and more irrelevant. I know a lot of younger evangelicals who became turn-coats and voted for Obama. I was just reading a NY Times article today about how the Deep South is no longer the political (i.e., Republican) powerhouse after this election.

But then that's juxtaposed with what happened in California with Prop 8, and thinking about that, I'm sad again...