Friday, January 23, 2009

Olympic bicycling in Madison

In it's bid for the 2016 summer Olympics, Chicago is proposing that Dane County serve as the cycling epicenter.

On the one hand, that would be cool.

On the other hand, does Madison really need any more sports cyclists with holier-than-thou-lowly-bike-commuter attitudes?

Well, some sports cyclists aren't a**holes, I suppose. (Don't get offended, sports cyclists, that I say only some and not many. If I said "Many sports cyclists are not a**holes," then I'd be implying that there's a lower proportion of a**holes in the sport cycling community than in the general population, in which, too, only some people are not a**holes. And I really have no basis on which to claim that sports cyclists are less a**holic than people at large. For what it's worth, I'm a sometime sport cyclist and I really don't think I'm all that nice.)

Despite my misgivings, it is possible that, by some amazing fluke, all the Olympian cyclists who showed up would be truly kind people. And maybe all the people who took up sports cycling in imitation of the Olympians would also adopt their unusual level of beneficence.

And I do like the idea of more people taking up cycling, even if not for transportation purposes. As a hobby, it sure beats other out-of-the-house pastimes like pleasure driving, ATVs, power lawnmowing, snowmobiling and motorboating.

(An aside to people who may find the lengthiness and comma-speckled state of some of my sentences: I've been reading lots of Dickens lately, and it just makes me feel so justified in letting my written sentences go on as long and in such a winding manner as my spoken ones.)

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