Monday, January 26, 2009

slow bicycling, yay!

Speaking of non-sport-cyclists, a fellow bikie just brought The Slow Bicycle Movement to my attention.

When I lived in the Philadelphia suburbs, slow cyclists were few and far between. The area is not designed with transportational cyclists in mind, so the bike shop in my town mainly catered to aspiring Lance Armstrongs. I remember asking them about their weekly group rides, and they told me that the "casual" (i.e. "slow rider") rides averaged 15-18 mph. In a place with many hills of 20-degree grade. I remember wanting to laugh at them. The feeling went both ways, because when I said, "You call that slow?" the guy smirked at me and looked at my 20-year-old, 25-pound Schwinn. then back at me with a "Unless you buy something lighter from us, you are definitely not welcome" look.

Against my better judgment, I later went for a 15-mile spin with this guy and another bike shop employee. They kept chugging Gu. For a 15-mile bike ride. A bit excessive, really.

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