Monday, April 20, 2009

Latest quilt

I finished this quilt at the beginning of the month for my friend Tanya's baby. It's the first quilt I've completed since moving back to Wisconsin. I guess I was doing too much remodeling.

Slavery in the U.S.

I was surprised and pleased to see Gourmet take a turn away from its usual food porn to talk about the enslavement of farm workers in the United States. Thanks, Gourmet, for explaining one of the real and worst costs of sinfully cheap tomatoes - or, rather, a sinfully profitable produce distribution system.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unrequited high school crush

If I read People, I may have discovered this earlier, but it turns out that my unrequited high school crush on Sara Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie's Melissa Gilbert's sister and the rebellious daughter on Roseanne) had the potential to be requited had we ever met. Just as well it didn't work out, though; she seems to be into the having babies thing. (Warning: The link takes forever to load; I'd suggest opening it in a new window while you continue your other Web browsing.)

I love Charlie

My kindred spirit is Charlie the Unicorn. If you haven't met him, you should.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A liveable Tyson's Corner?

One of my favorite things to during my high school years in Northern Virginia was to visit the wasteland known as Tyson's Corner. With two shopping malls and every big box store known to humankind except, perhaps, Walmart, it was a teenage paradise.

It's hard for me to imagine adults finding anything of interest there, since there were no residences, grocery stores or repair shops. Plenty of restaurants, though. And office buildings - although it seems to me that these were the kinds of workplaces where people ended up to their chagrin, not because they had landed their ideal jobs.

Now urban planners are trying to reincarnate Tyson's Corner as a livable, walkable city. (It feels strange to call Tyson's Corner a city or town; it was always just a place.)

Apparently, it is indeed changing. I just read in a Washington Post article that people actually walk to the new Harris Teeter grocery store in Tyson's Corner using sidewalks. This is very hard to imagine. In the Tyson's Corner of my youth, the only place you could walk was inside a store or mall or, if you were careful, from a store or mall to your car. But, apparently, some people now walk from one building to another in Tyson's Corner and live to tell the tale.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ich möchte ein ErockIT

Okay, at €30,000, it's a bit above my budget. And I suppose I could always worry about my feet flipping off the pedals, but ...

Isn't his accent sexy? I love the way he says "Kraft."

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