Friday, April 3, 2009

Ich möchte ein ErockIT

Okay, at €30,000, it's a bit above my budget. And I suppose I could always worry about my feet flipping off the pedals, but ...

Isn't his accent sexy? I love the way he says "Kraft."

Auf Englisch:


coco_keesses said...

I have sent this immediately to my cycling-crazed husband. Didn't know you spoke German, cool! The designer has a very prominent Bavarian/Munich accent. I think it's cute, but of course in Berlin he probably gets country bumpkin treatment.

Kiapita said...

I was an exchange student in Bavaria in high school. I have a song about a boy I had a huge crush on who had an accent just like this.

When I got to Bryn Mawr and realized that all the German professors there and at Haverford had northern German accents, I was so disappointed. To my ear, it sounds like people who speak that way are dumbing down their German to be more easily comprehended by Americans, even though intellectually I know this is a misperception.