Friday, May 8, 2009

I still think someone's playing a joke on me

Accuse me of being late to the party, but I just read this morning from more than one source that Bristol Palin is going to be promoting sexual abstinence on behalf of Candie's, the juniors shoe and clothing line. I kept checking the date stamps to make sure they didn't say April 1. And looking at the URLs to verify that I wasn't on The Onion Web site.

Whose phenomenally stupid idea was this? Wouldn't you want a spokesperson who had actually managed to remain sexually abstinent throughout her adolescence? There are a lot of such people, actually. I know I'm a little old for Candie's, but they could have called me, for one.

Maybe they did approach a bunch of sexually abstinent teens first, but the kids all gave the same answer I would have at that age, "I am totally into telling kids the benefits of not having sex, but they're not all going to listen, so I'd also want to tell them about preventing STDs and pregnancy if they are going to have sex. Go condoms!"

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