Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrested for entering his own home through a jammed door

Technically, they said it was for "disorderly conduct," but I'm pretty sure Dr. Gates wouldn't have been arrested for getting upset with officers if they hadn't broken into his home to arrest him for no good reason and had apologized when they realized they were wrong:

Black scholar's arrest raises profiling questions

Post-racial America, my ass.

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Bill said...

It was a cultural clash. The officer was aggressive as appropriate by his culture and Gates was humiliated as inculcated by his culture. And neither understood where the other was coming from. In other words, both felt dissed and failed to appreciate the extent to which the other felt that way. The NY Times had a good article the other day reporting what policemen elsewhere say they draw the line on disorderly conduct. Some agreed with Officer Crowley, but he majority said their line was somewhat beyond where Crowley drew it.