Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beware of Delta Post Haste rack

So this is what happened to my bike rack when I went over a train track on the way to work Tuesday. No, the end is not supposed to look like an automobile exhaust pipe. That's just where the bulk of the rack broke off from the mechanism that attaches the rack to the seat post. You can see a before picture (not of my particular rack, but of a doppelganger for what it looked like pre-disaster) here.

I've had this rack for less than three years and would like to note that the track I went over yesterday is not a particularly heinous one. The engineers did a good job of keeping it at grade with the surrounding asphalt, so I go over it twice in a typical day, usually not even noticing it is there. I have been on paved roads that are much bumpier.

Aluminum is weaker than steel and more prone to cracking, but this is ridiculous.

Couldn't find any evidence that this model had been recalled. I e-mailed Delta about the problem, but have yet to hear back. I guess I could also contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Had there been a cyclist or ped behind me at the time that this thing flew off my bike, or had this thing come off in the middle of the road, the consequences could have been more complicated. I doubt I would have been hurt, but I can't say as much for the person standing in the wrong place.

As it was, the immediate consequence was having to unclip my bag from the rack, strap said bag over my shoulder, and attach the rack to the bag with the bungee cord that I had coincidentally brought along that morning.

Still, one feels a bit of a fool carrying a bike rack on one's back while riding a bike.

I didn't even bother to explain to my boss why I was ten minutes late to work. I thought too much would be lost in the translation. But I did walk around the office for a while waving the rack at my bike-riding coworkers. They understood.

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