Friday, September 4, 2009

Baptist pastors

I'm no big fan of Baptist pastors (except of course Martin Luther King Jr. and Marcus and ...) But please. Agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation fatally shot John Paul Ayres for driving away from them after they tried to shoot his passenger outside of a gas station.

Dude, I think anyone's first thought if a bullet comes through their car window from the gun of someone in street clothes who has just jumped out of an unmarked SUV is not, "Oh, the police must be trying to peacefully apprehend me," but rather, "What the fuck, some psycho is trying to kill me. Must flee fast."

And the reason they shot at the passenger? Because she was suspected of possessing cocaine. SUSPECTED. And there's no indication that she threatened them with a weapon. I realize that cars are weapons, but neither passenger nor driver appear to be using theirs as such. (There was one point where an officer jumped behind the car as it moved in reverse -- apparently in an effort to stop it -- and it didn't stop, so the officers could argue for assault with a deadly weapon, but it's by no means improbable that the driver did not see the officer in question. And people who know me know that it takes a lot for me to give a driver the benefit of the doubt.) You can watch the video (caught on the gas station's security cam) here.

Meanwhile, I'm staying the hell out of Georgia.

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